American Wagyu Franks
American Wagyu Franks

American Wagyu Franks

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Raised and manufactured right here in Texas by R-C Ranch, these wagyu franks will set your backyard BBQs apart from the rest of your neighborhood!
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American Wagyu

American Wagyu has gained popularity in the United States and beyond, appealing to those seeking a high-quality beef with exceptional marbling and tenderness. It offers a balance between the characteristics of Japanese Wagyu and American cattle breeds, resulting in a unique and flavorful beef option.

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Magruilio Salcedo jr
Best Franks

Looking to elevate your hot dogs?
These are some franks packed with a whole lot of flavor!!!
Totally recommend!

Chili Dog - > Any Time Dog!

These are truly delicious. We decided to amp some up with a little brisket chili (is there ever such a thing as too much meat?!). The photos just don't do it justice. They are huge, easy to whip up, make for an impressive bbq dish, and can be frozen if you aren't instantly ready for a hot dog that will change your life. Hurry and buy these and stock up!

These franks are the biggest and the best!!

These are the tastiest franks! Everyone loved them! They don't even fit into the buns I bought which is hilariously awesome!!

Name brands are lame brands!

These dogs are a game changer! I'll choose this fire over Oscar Meyer! You aint thinking rational if you buy Ballpark or Hebrew national!