Australian Wagyu Filet
Australian Wagyu Filet

Australian Wagyu Filet

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8 oz Center Cut Australian Filet Beef Marbling Score 9 from Phoenix Farms.


Only the finest Sires are chosen by our farmers in Australia. Raised 12 months in open, natural pastures. Fed 400 days on a bespoke Japanese-inspired 100% vegetarian diet. This yields an earthy caramel dry-aged flavor.


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Australian Wagyu

Australian Wagyu has gained recognition worldwide for its exceptional quality and is often regarded as a premium beef option. Its unique combination of marbling, tenderness, and flavor has made it a favorite among chefs, food enthusiasts, and discerning consumers seeking an extraordinary dining experience.

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David Stiller
Best steaks ever

We love the steaks from Mandola. I will be ordering steaks monthly for sure.

Mandola Meats Rock

super great cuts…great value….on time…fresh. Thanks! happy customer KP