Mandola Food Co Perfect Steak Recipe

The Perfect Steak

When cooked right you can bring the Steakhouse Home. Here at Mandola Food CO we use the Best Beef available so we let the meat do the talking, not the spices. Grab your Grandmothers cast iron or heat up the Griddle/Flat Top outside an preheat your oven to 375 if cooking indoors

 Doneness Temperature Appearance
Rare 120-130 F Cool Red Center
Medium Rare 130-135 F Warm Red Center
Medium 135-145 F Warm Pink Center
Medium Well 145-155 F Touch of Pink
Well Done 155 F Plus No Pink



Step 1: 

Pull Thawed Steak out of the fridge and rest to room temperature for 10-20 minutes.

Step 2:

Completely cover top of steak with salt and pepper. This will create a nice Bark when seared.

Step 3:

Using a spatula, spread softened butter over the seasoned side of the steak.

Step 4: 

While resting meat, heat up your cast iron to medium high heat or your griddle to 375 F.

Step 5: 

Rub pan or griddle down with olive oil.

Step 6: 

Place meat seasoned side down and sear for 3 minutes.

Step 7: 

While seasoned side is searing, season and butter the other side of the steak same as the opposite side. 

Step 8: 

Flip steak once 3 minutes has ended and reset timer.

Step 9: 

Sear until timer has ended.

Step 10: 

Let the meat rest for 4 minutes before serving.

Step 11: 

This will produce a medium rare steak. If wanting to cook up more, transfer to oven and insert meal thermometer. Pull steak once 5-10 degrees away from desired doneness. 


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