Chicken Lollipops

Chicken Lollipops


2lbs Chicken Drumsticks.
1 Stick Butter
6 Oz BBQ Sauce
2 Oz  Apple Juice
To Taste  Salt
To Taste Pepper
To Taste Garlic Powder
To Taste BBQ Rub



Step 1: 

If using regular Drumsticks, cut all the way around the leg bone two inches down from the bottom tip then remove meat and skin til bone is exposed like a lollipop handled.

Step 2:

Using Kitchen Shears, trim all exposed tendon and ligaments away.

Step 3:

Season entire leg with salt, pepper, garlic powder and your favorite BBQ Rub.

Step 4: 

Get Grill going to 300 degrees F.

Step 5: 

Once Grill is 300, Place an aluminum chicken roasting pan on grill.

Step 6: 

Add 1 Stick of Butter, Let melt entirely.

Step 7: 

Stand drums meat side down.

Step 8: 

While roasting mix BBQ sauce and apple juice together in a measuring cup to make the Glaze.

Step 9: 

Roast for around 1.5 hours or an internal temp of 170 F.

Step 10

One by one, dip each leg until fully covered in the glaze.

Step 11: 

Return to grill and let glaze candy. Chicken temp will be about 180 F.

Step 12: 

Once drums have a nice glaze, pull entire pan off grill and let rest for 5 minutes.

Step 13: 


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