Australian Wagyu Denver Steak
Australian Wagyu Denver Steak

Australian Wagyu Denver Steak

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The Denver steak is a cut taken from the shoulder area of the cow, specifically a section underneath the shoulder blade bone. This muscle doesn't get used much by the animal, which gives the cut a tender profile. It's a boneless cut of beef, which can be further tenderized by pounding.

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Australian Wagyu

Australian Wagyu has gained recognition worldwide for its exceptional quality and is often regarded as a premium beef option. Its unique combination of marbling, tenderness, and flavor has made it a favorite among chefs, food enthusiasts, and discerning consumers seeking an extraordinary dining experience.

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David Gothard

The best steak I’ve ever cooked. My family thinks I’m brilliant. Hint: I’m not. Thanks Mandola Food Co! Ordering again very soon!


What a great steak!! Felt like I was eating at a fancy steakhouse, but at my home and cooked by yours truly! Super ez to cook as well! Around 2M on all 4 sides came out perfect for me. Definitely recommend this cut!