From the Farm to your Kitchen

Our Sourcing

Here at Mandola Food Co. We saw an opportunity to bring the finest ingredients to your kitchen to give you the confidence you are serving your family the Best Raised, Best Tasting, Naturally produced products that your family and guests deserve.

Simple Sausage

Simple Sausage, No unpronounceable words, Natural Casings,Pork, and Spices.That’s It. Our Signature Italian Family Recipe comes straight from Sicily. We approached our Sausage with one focus.Simple and Clean and let the ingredients do the talking.

A5 Wagyu

Black Kuroge Cattle are more revered in Japan than the Tajima breed commonly associated with Kobe Beef.Grading Score A5 BMS 10-12(Highest attainable Marbling Score). All Japanese Wagyu comes with individual identification certificate included stating DOB weight and age at Harvest. Try it and see why This Rich in Omega 3 protein is garnering so much excitement. The Healthier way to enjoy red meat.

American Wagyu

This domestic Wagyu is raised on Small Family Ranches in Texas, Following Japanese Traditions of open pasture raised then switched to a rice diet.Truly All Natural, yielding the best possible Marbling

All Natural Farm Raised Chicken

Hormone Free Chicken pasture raised, Vegetable Fed, Free Range with access to full pasture.Air Chilling brings maximum flavor, crispier skin, and richer color.

Flavorful Duck

Our Duck comes from Upstate New York from small family farms. Never Caged, No Antibiotics Hormones or Steroids, Fed on Corn and Soy.Air Chilled giving you that crispy skin everyone desires with Duck. Lean and Tender, Cage Free.

Australian Lamb

Dorsett Breed is known as the Prime in Austrailia. Free of Growth Hormones and Antibiotics. 100% Grass Fed on Clover and Rye. Air Vaccum Packaging makes for a longer shelf life. Harvesting the lamb at a weight of 45-75 lbs yields a sweeter, milder flavor profile.