From the Farm to your Kitchen

Our Sourcing

Here at Mandola Food Co. We saw an opportunity to bring the finest ingredients to your kitchen to give you the confidence you are serving your family the Best Raised, Best Tasting, Naturally produced products that your family and guests deserve.

Simple Sausage

Simple Sausage, No unpronounceable words, Natural Casings,Pork, and Spices.That’s It. Our Signature Italian Family Recipe comes straight from Sicily. We approached our Sausage with one focus.Simple and Clean and let the ingredients do the talking.

A5 Wagyu

Japanese Wagyu holds a prestigious status in the culinary world and is highly regarded for its exceptional quality. It is often considered a delicacy and is sought after by connoisseurs and gourmands around the globe. The careful breeding, feeding, and strict production standards contribute to its extraordinary characteristics, making Japanese Wagyu a true culinary treasure.

Australian Wagyu

Australian Wagyu has gained recognition worldwide for its exceptional quality and is often regarded as a premium beef option. Its unique combination of marbling, tenderness, and flavor has made it a favorite among chefs, food enthusiasts, and discerning consumers seeking an extraordinary dining experience.

American Wagyu

American Wagyu has gained popularity in the United States and beyond, appealing to those seeking a high-quality beef with exceptional marbling and tenderness. It offers a balance between the characteristics of Japanese Wagyu and American cattle breeds, resulting in a unique and flavorful beef option.

All Natural Farm Raised Chicken

Hormone Free Chicken pasture raised, Vegetable Fed, Free Range with access to full pasture.Air Chilling brings maximum flavor, crispier skin, and richer color.

Flavorful Duck

Our Duck comes from Upstate New York from small family farms. Never Caged, No Antibiotics Hormones or Steroids, Fed on Corn and Soy.Air Chilled giving you that crispy skin everyone desires with Duck. Lean and Tender, Cage Free.

Australian Lamb

Dorsett Breed is known as the Prime in Austrailia. Free of Growth Hormones and Antibiotics. 100% Grass Fed on Clover and Rye. Air Vaccum Packaging makes for a longer shelf life. Harvesting the lamb at a weight of 45-75 lbs yields a sweeter, milder flavor profile.