Product Care & Preparation: Australian Wagyu Whole Ribeye Roast

This item ships fresh so we have saved the need to thaw. 
This will be a time saver for you if you plan on cooking immediately,  but we want to point out a couple things before you pop it in the freezer. 
Cryovacing eliminates oxygen and pitential bacteria so feel free to just put the roast in your refrigerator. 
However, there are some details to be mindful of. 

  1. Do not keep unthawed longer than 28 days. 

  2. Keep the roast in a place that doesn't see alot of activity or use. The back of the middle shelf or produce drawer serves nicely 

  3. When ready to cook be sure to remove from bag near sink or in a bowl as there will be a significant amount of blood. This is normal. 

  4. Pat excess liquid off of roast then bring to room temperature before seasoning so cook time will be lessened and consistent throughout. 

  5. Season to taste and insert meat probe from top as close to the middle of the roast as possible. 

  6. Based on temperature and doneness preferences be sure to remove roast 5 degress lower than desired doneness. 

  7. Let roast rest for 15 minutes at minimum to let juices re absorb to the protein. This will lessen the excess juices when cutting to serve. 

  8. Enjoy!